Our 3E-Programs

In 2002, Lothar Hirneise published (in German) what was to become his best-selling book: “Chemotherapy Cures Cancer and the World is Flat” where he for the first time described the 3E-Program as well as the steps taken by end-stage cancer patients to return to health. At that time, Lothar Hirneise himself could not have predicted the program’s remarkable success in the next few years helping severely ill cancer patients. An English rendition of the best-seller was release several years later reaching even more people worldwide. In the fifteen years since the release of the first edition, well over 100,000 have read about the 3E-Program, and countless more are grateful to Lothar Hirneise for helping then regain their health. Meanwhile, over 1,000 end-stage cancer patients have benefited from a comprehensive five-week course on the 3E-Program which was held at the 3E-Center in Stuttgart.

While the 3E-Program continued to aid numerous patients over the course of 15 years, it also continued to be developed, refined, and improved. Fundamentally, the Oil-Protein Diet and necessary detoxification measures are still central to the program. Essential improvements and progress are apparent in the dynamic view of cancer.

For instance, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that tumor destruction should no longer be the focus in the later stages of cancer, the procedure, unfortunately, remains the standard today in alternative medicine. Furthermore, alternative therapies make use of Galvanotherapy and Ukraine/vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) instead of radiation or chemotherapy. There is undoubtedly legitimacy to these therapies especially keeping in mind patients who desire immediate tumor removal. However, our experience of 15 years indicates that there is only one chance for long-term cancer survival: determining the cause of the disease.

In recent years, we’ve acquired considerable experience with therapies that have all hit their target – ascertaining why one suffers from cancer and its removal. Of course, all theories and procedures have their advantages and disadvantages as well as successes and failures whether it be Synergetics, The Journey, Psychobionics, New Medicine, Meta-Medicine, Psychoanalysis, or Behavioral Therapy.  Nonetheless, we have learned a great deal from all these different approaches. For example, we’ve determined that the therapist is often more important than the underlying theory. We’ve also learned that although a particular therapy may quickly address one form of cancer, the same therapy may fail completely when used for other cancers. Furthermore, some patients may effectively take to a specific therapy while other patients receive no benefit at all.

This in-depth knowledge is precisely what separates the Inpatient 3E-Program today from other therapies, perhaps distinguishing it from all other types of cancer therapies in the world. We certainly do not want to sound presumptuous as if we’ve taken spoonfuls of wisdom about cancer. However, we take pride in the fact that we’ve acquired a significant amount of non-university knowledge so that we can lend aid where conventional and alternative cancer therapies have failed.

Inner world travel, Conflict analyses, stress profiles, and special goal-setting training have proven to be particularly effective in metastatic patients far more than any tumor-destroying therapy.

Although we regard our approach as the only correct treatment, especially for metastatic patients, we are nonetheless aware that the 3E-Program is suitable only for people who understand that tumors are only a symptom of the disease. Those who believe themselves healthy again once a tumor is eradicated or removed will certainly be better off with therapists specializing in tumor-destroying treatments. On the other hand, patients who realize that tumors are only symptoms and thus seek a long-term cure instead of tumor removal will find our Center to be their first choice.

To be sure, the 3E-Program is not exclusively for late-stage cancer patients. After all, therapy that can help late-stage cancer patients can certainly do more for patients with immune systems still free from toxins and radiation. It’s indeed a tragedy that in current oncology cancer patients, almost always, turn to holistic or diagnostic therapies only after a tumor resection fails or when new tumors appear.

Our 4-week Intensive Program is specially designed for people with acute challenges, i.e. tumors, metastases, etc.

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Our 2-Week Stay Cancer-Free Program is especially for people without tumors.

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Our Integrative Program, lasting 2-3 weeks, is specifically tailored for people facing cell-destructive therapy.

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