Stay Cancer-Free!
In this program, you’ll learn what you can do to actively prevent a recurrence after a conventional, symptomatic cancer therapy! Unlike traditional oncologic rehabilitation that focuses more on the body’s function and performance, our program will concentrate on what you can do to, long-term, stay healthy.

After a tumor is surgically removed or eradicated, many people inquire, “How can I improve my chances of survival? Will the tumor come back, and if so, when? Is there anything I can do?”

These questions are quite relevant since patients are typically advised to return to their homes and lives after successful tumor removal and discharged. Hence, this situation may also mean a return to the lifestyles that had led to their tumor. We’re certain many others also believe that this advice is not beneficial.

Meanwhile, numerous studies have proven the connection between cancer and lifestyles. These studies indicated that various strategies, such as stress management, nutritional plans, and detoxification therapies, increase the chances of survival significantly. Further confirming the validity of these studies is our experience with many cancer survivors.

In our program of Staying Cancer-Free, however, we go a step further by focusing primarily on you and determining the Why: “Why you, at some point in time, developed a tumor.” It’s only after we’ve obtained the answers to these questions can we then avoid any relapses in the future. Otherwise, all we can do is wait, and hope.

Who is this Program for?

The Stay Cancer-Free program is for cancer patients who are currently tumor-free. The program mainly focuses on the Why, on becoming healthier, and on the many lessons that the program teaches, especially in contrast to inordinately stressing yourself over the tumor or possible recurrences.

Conversely, if you have a tumor, then we’d recommend our Intensive Program.


Preventing Recurrences

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with people who have permanently overcome cancer and extensively studied what they had to do to prevent recurrences. We have learned that what actually made the key differences were the supposedly “minor” factors.

Fundamentally, we employ various detoxification therapies and, more importantly, Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Oil-Protein Diet which is probably the most recognized nutrition therapy for cancer patients.

Ultimately, however, our chief focus is on cancer-specific stress management and therapies that identify their causes.


Practical, Simple, Proven, & Life-changing

Our Stay Cancer-Free program equips cancer patients, made tumor-free by conventional treatment, with the tools they need to avert any recurrences and to benefit from these tools for the rest of their lives. Always, our goal is healing and not short-term tumor-free survival.


The Key Facts:

 • Small groups, with 15 people at most.

• Intensive coaching and personal support.

• Special procedures specifically tailored to the individual.

• A highly enthusiastic staff (a team of 24 for 15 patients).

• Humane, attentive, and loving care is paramount.

• No hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

• A 1,500 square meter building, perfect for 15 people, in a quiet but accessible forest location.


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