The Intensive Program
The Intensive Program is specifically designed for people with acute tumors. Nearly all (92%) our participants were cancer patients that developed recurrences and/or metastases. For these cases in general, conventional doctors typically prescribe palliative therapies in the form of chemotherapy, irradiation, or antibodies. At best, however, these therapies mean a slightly prolonged lifespan while the door to actual healing is considered forever closed from the perspective of conventional medicine. Unsurprising, since palliative therapies are meant to relieve instead of cure.

It’s not for us to evaluate the pros and cons of such an approach. Although we may be opposed to this approach – and for various reasons – we understand why many people would be in favor of it.

In contrast, our focus is on healing. In our 3E-Study, you’ll see how we’ve successfully demonstrated our curative process in cancer cases where others have determined it to be futile.

To be sure, we are not trying to be presumptuous by claiming that we know more than conventional oncologists. Neither are we making grandiose promises of healing. We have been fortunate enough to meet many people in the past two decades who’ve survived the later stages of cancer and it’s been a privilege for us to impart this knowledge on to others. No more and yet, no less!

We are not missionaries, neither in a political sense or a religious one, and we certainly have no desire to persuade nor discourage anyone to seek any particular treatment or therapy. Also, we do not buy into the media’s claim that cancer patients can no longer think clearly due to their tumor. On the contrary, our experience with the guests of the 3E-Center introduced us to intelligent and enlightened people. They were well-versed in both conventional and holistic therapies and made a conscious decision in favor of the 3E-Program.

The main reasons that led to their decision were almost always the same. Firstly, they refused to give up despite those who claim their situation to be terminal. Second, our brave cancer patients stubbornly held on to the hope of getting cured and dismissed a life that merely awaited death. Other people may mean well when they advise patients to “have a few more beautiful days” unaware that doing so is nigh-impossible. Finally, our guests shared the decision that if the end was certain, they refused to spend their last few months maltreating their bodies with therapies that bring the risk of numerous severe side effects and thus reducing their quality of life significantly.

Currently, the 3E-Intensive program is carried out exclusively at the 3E-Center in Remshalden-Buoch near Stuttgart. You’ll find dates, prices, and more information about this program at: