Is the program only suitable for people with late-stage cancer?

No, quite the opposite actually. The reason that many carry out the program at later stages of the disease is that most people turn to holistic therapies only when conventional therapies have failed.

Can I run the program at home myself?

Of course. You can also take baths and enemas at home or certain therapies with a doctor or alternative practitioner in your area. However, what you’ll need first is a specific plan tailored to you. Details will vary with these plans from person to person so you may not organize something by yourself. Additionally, we’ve learned of the absolute necessity for many to experience a change of scenery for at least a few weeks especially if they’ve become ill or are currently ill.

Do you also offer tumor-destroying therapies such as local hyperthermia, galvanotherapy or B-17 infusions?

Since we mainly care for people at advanced stages, our focus is not on such therapies. As we have seen, these treatments are not particularly effective at later stages of the disease. In certain cases, we either work together with other therapists (Dual Program) or carry out high-dose vitamin C infusions ourselves, which are also cell-destructive. This may be the case especially when physical and psychological symptom dynamics have been used (see Causanetics). Apart from this cases, our work focuses on the fundamental 3E-Program.

Who are advised against coming to the Center?

The 3E-Center is not a hospital. Therefore, it is necessary for our guests to be capable of looking after themselves, i.e. washing, eating, dressing, etc. However, it may be possible for you to bring someone to accompany and assist you. Guests should also be mentally able to participate in conversations, meetings, or lectures. Furthermore, they should be able to conduct certain mental exercises such as mediation, emotional development coaching, and visualization exercises on a regular basis.

Who carries out the therapies and consultations in the Center?

The Center cooperates with various doctors, alternative practitioners, and other therapists and has permanent non-medical practitioners. During the program, guests always have – if necessary – access to medical assistance or medical advice, accompaniment, and care.

Can you prove the Program’s success?

First of all, we would like to ask you to read this page briefly so that you can better understand the reasons behind the lack of real double-blind studies in oncology. Another helpful read HERE, to read more about the 3E-Study.

We’re not missionaries and our desire is to convince you. We have been able to learn in recent years how important it is to have one’s own attitude towards a disease. What this idea means is that “it is your illness. It is your medical history, and it is your way of healing that YOU have to choose. Our experience with so many cancer patients is that we can help people much more effectively and, above all, faster if they understand that a tumor is only the symptom of a disease. Then, we can show them what others have done to successfully fight the diseases. This is the reason why we are against persuading someone to join our program or to stop them from taking conventional therapy.

Do health insurance companies cover the costs of the 3E-Program at the Center?

Unfortunately, we are currently still a long way from receiving the necessary recognition or payment from German health insurance companies for holistic therapies and consultations. Without too much pessimism, we believe that this state will remain unchanged in the coming years.

However, this situation does prevent considerations from being made on a case-by-case basis, especially for private health insurance companies and for patients who have been officially deemed palliative therapy cases.

If you have private health insurance, parts of our Program can also be billed directly to your health insurance fund. If you are from Switzerland and would like to take part in an inpatient program, please contact us since in some cases, the costs have already been fully covered.